uHoo Review

uHoo is a indoor air toxin sensor that was launched in April 2017. They started shipping within the same month to their corporate customers as those are their primary target audience. For the general consumers like us, they started shipping in June 2017.

After raising a seed round from East Ventures in May 2015, in May 2016 they started an Indiegogo project to crowfund the initial preorders. It a raised a total of US$81,065 out of their initial goal of US$50,000 from 404 backers.

uHoo - Box Front
uHoo – Box Front

Google Home

Finally jumped onto the Google Home bandwagon.

Last year, I decided not to buy it despite it being priced at US$99 (S$136) because the ecosystem was not very mature yet. Fast forward six months later, it has improved quite a bit.

Google Home - Box Front
Google Home – Box Front