Fabrix Netbook & iPhone 3G Cases

I ordered the Fabrix Black Suite Delux Laptop Case for my Asus EEE 1000HE last friday and it was devliered to me this week on Tuesday. Even though the size states it is for Asus EeePC 1000/MSI Wind, it will fit the EEE 1000HE as well.

They are having a promotion, if you get any laptop cases, you will get S$10 off any sleeves, so I got the Fabrix Black Suite Sleeve for my Apple iPhone 3GS.

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Infocomm123 Features

After navigating around with Infocomm123 for about a week, I realize it is more than just a questions and answers portal (even though it is their main feature). There are many others such as the Big Fact Book and the Wireless@SG coverage (my personal favorite)! In this blog post I will give a brief walk through of the features.

The one-stop portal where you can find all your infocomm answers!

Main Page

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Wii Birthday Party Bash

Christmas came early for me on Friday! I received 3 parcels altogether! One is for the Nokia Technophobe Challenge #2, the second one was Wii Birthday Party Bash game from 2K Play and the third and last parcel was two netbook cases from Gear Zap / Mobile Fun.

This post is about the Wii Birthday Party Bash. I am going to review this game when my friends come over my house on the 1st August 2009 for a Wii party, we called it the Games Day! The packaging is excellent, this is no doubt the best packaging I have seen for a Wii game.

The Invitation Card (Front)

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Desaru Trip

Went to Desaru for a 2 days 1 night trip with my family (6 of us) on Saturday. It is S$178 per pax. It is organized by the Ngan/Gan Clan Association (my mom’s surname is Ngan). We gathered at the association at 7am early in the morning. There are 27 people in the tour group including the 6 of us, majority are aunties and uncles. Surprising with them around, the bus left at about 7.12am which is pretty punctual. I would think that if the group contains mostly teenagers, it would probably left at 7.30am instead.

There is not much jam on the causeway this time round. This is also the first time I used the new checkpoint in Johor Bahru since it opens its door on 16th December 2008.

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Teach a Technophobe – Challenge #2

Challenge #2 from my Nokia’s Teach a Technophobe has arrived in my mailbox on Friday. The challenge is for me to teach my mom how to snap a picture using the E75 3.2MP camera and email the picture to me. This time the challenge is more of a feature discovery for my mom as when I told her taught her this, she was like, “oh I didn’t know you can do that”. This challenge took a little longer than challenge #1 for both of us as I explained to her the various camera settings as well.

Teach a Technophobe: Challenge #1

Challenge #2
Challenge #2

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Li Xiang’s Blog Moved

I have moved Li Xiang blog from, powered by Blogger, to our domain called, powered by WordPress. I have imported all the post successfully by NOT using the default WordPress importer (WP-Admin -> Tools -> Import -> Blogger).

What I did was to make a backup of the blogger site (Blogger Admin -> Settings -> Basic -> Blog Tools -> Export Blog) and then it will generate a XML file for you to download it to your PC.

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Cybercrime Uncovered By Symantec

Was invited to the Cybercrime Uncovered event by Symantec at Pan Pacific Hotel. I managed to reach there on time as it is near my work place, surprise to see Wilfrid there as well, been quite some time since I saw it and he has change his phone to Nokia N97!

Sorry man, I have forgotten to bring my camera and my iPhone 3GS is not up for the job due to the lack of optical zoom. I shall wait for Wilfrid for his photos.

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