Yesterday went to my mom office to fixed her computer. As usual, I have no idea how come her computer in office ALWAYS got problem, yesterday I solved the 56kb modem issues and HansVision issues. And later I am going to her office again to solve her modem issues. I solved it yesterday and managed to connect to the Internet with a 56kb dial up, and this morning I received a call from my mom saying that it don’t work again.

Seriously, I feel very primitive whenever I go to my mom’s office, most of the computer stuffs there are all outdated(beside my old computer). No networking, no router/switch, bloody slow computers, 56kb dial up and so on and so forth. My dad and I always advised my mom to invest some money into IT, but she say it is not necessary and always say “can use can already”. I mean this phrase is always used by our older generation, I can foresee that in the future, people will change their computer once every 2 to 3 years because computer will get outdated easily.

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Adidas Sale

Went to the Adidas Sale yesterday at Suntec City Conventional Center. The hall is very big, this it don’t look crowded. Didn’t bought anything from there because nothing fancies me. Most of them are just old stocks. Normally this type of sale is just to clear away the old stock and to make way for the new stocks/design.

Head over to Heeren later because my parents want to buy Adidas’s shoes and my brother wanted to buy a polo shirt, and I got 10% off because of the Heer card. I will definitely renew my Heer card when it expires, the card is really worth it. It really rewards you with lots of benefits when you shop at Heeren. My dad bought a ROM series shoes. Something like Superstar. He told me that this shoe has been around for almost 30 years. And when he was young he could not afford it. Now he just bought it without thinking. I also bought 1 fourskin t-shirt while my brother bought 2. My mom has been telling me not to buy anymore t-shirts.

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Nanyang Polytechnic

Woke up at 7am, and I think every since I left Secondary School, I seldom woke at 7am or earlier. I reach NYP at around 8.15am. As I expected, I will and I did get lost, and the signs around are not that helpful after all.

The whole thing last around 4 hours. We do not have an Internet Connection for the qualifying rounds, even though the technical specifications put “High Speed Internet Connection”. When we brought that up, they say that the Internet Connection was meant for judge. I was like WTF? Why the judges need the Internet for? At least give us access to and Sigh, looks like I have to rely on Dreamweaver Help File as I think/hope/pray they have the syntaxes inside there. I went to take a look at the system that we will be using on that day and looks like they do not have Edit Plus 2 installed even though the technical specifications stated that it would be installed. Can’t they just follow the fucking specifications. All the softwares stated in the specifications are all the latest softwares like Flash MX2004, Photoshop CS etc, but the funny thing is that the MYSQL server is quite backdated, version 3.23.

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Aries Men

Went back to school yesterday with Xiu Yu to eat the food there. Miss all the food there, but too bad I can only eat 1 meal, so I chose the Wan Ton Mee. It never taste better.

Helped my mom to move my old computer to her office and help her install some software into that computer. Also helped her format one of her office computer. It is a 633 Celeron and it was running on Windows ME till I format it to become Windows 2K. Windows ME got to be the worst Operating System ever. To my surprise after installing Windows 2K and Office XP, the system is actually quite fast. Before that it was slow like a Pentium 100 computer, and if you are using it everyday, I think your lifespan will be shorten due to constant frustrations.

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Gallery Updated

Met up with my ITP supervisor yesterday in school and on the way pass Geargina my SAT book to photocopy. Got an A for my first month grading. Charlene will be taking her TP this Saturday. Good luck Charlene. Don’t disappoint me!

Met up with Terry, Jacky and Laily in the night for dinner in Orchard. We had Pasta Mania, and Laily only add a few strips of noodle. It was kinda a last minute thing, but I still manage to make it. Had lots of chat. It was kinda enjoyable. Should make it a point to meet up weekly or fortnightly for a chat.

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Booking For SAT I Test

Went to RELC Building and wanted to book my SAT I Test. Note, I used the term “wanted” because I did not book from there. My first impression of the building that is is like a hotel and true enough, there is also a RELC Hotel. The examinations bureau is at 3rd level.

Fill up 4 pages of form and find I find it very troublesome. The form is not even meant to be use for Singapore. There is not enough space to fill in my full name and address. For our IC number, we need to put 00 followed by your IC number without the last alphabet. There are 2 test date. One is on 8th May 2004 and 6th June 2003.

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iPod Pricing

Went back to school yesterday for some World Skill Competition workshop. It is kinda lame and I know if it is going to be that lame, I rather stay at home and sleep. The whole workshop thing is about stress management, but I got no stress. As what William Hung had said, just give it your best and you will not have any regrets. For my trade there is 46 contestants, you can view it all here, my name is at the 2nd slot. If can get rid of 43 contestants, I will be the top 3 =p.

Went with Serene, Karen, Christopher, Laily and LiXiang to meet Jacky at Plaza Singapura for a movie. We caught Cold Mountain. The whole show last 2 hours and 45 minutes. Didn’t expect it to be that long. But overall the show is not bad. It is NC16 because of one lame RA scene if I am not wrong.

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Major CTE Traffic Jam

Woke up at 7.30am for the first time since the start ITP. Met up with Xiu Yu and passed her the Adobe Creative Suite CD and had breakfast with her at Bukit Merah Mac Donalds. The assistant manager there was very polite and that is what I call good service.

Had lunch with my mom and brother at Swensens in Funan. Funan is holding some kind of robotics car racing competition, thus the first level is crowded with secondary school students. There are at least 12 20GB iPods kiosk around Funan for user to test out the iPod. I thought it was kinda cool of Apple. Played around with it and I like the navigation of the iPod. I can navigate through hundreds of songs easily. Hope can get my 15GB iPod before my birthday. My brother is influenced by me and I think he also getting one. He is much richer than me. Still finding a pouch or a small clip-on bag that can fit my mp3 player, wallet and keypouch.

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FYP Client On Television

Did nothing productive on Monday, I finally started to get sick of programming for the first time, because it is basically doing the same thing over and over again.

Today, met Up with Pei Jun for lunch at my house downstairs coffeeshop. Ate the Wan Ton Mee, been a few months since I ate that. She told me that her sister will become an official lawyer in May. Finally, I going to have a friend who is a lawyer. It is good to have friends from all kinds of trades. If I managed to see her around my house area, I shall ask her for a treat. LOL

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