Tiong Bahru Plaza New Foodcourt

Yesterday, went to NYDC at Holland Village for lunch. Wanted to order the Mushroom side dish, but it wasn’t ready. Ever since Geargina ordered it during LiXiang Birthday, I am craving for it. =(

At night had dinner at China Square. Ate the famous fish soup there. It is opened by my secondary school friend’s father. But now he is in army. Once he ORD, he will be helping out the store.

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MTV Asia Awards 2004

Went out with Laily, Serene and her boyfriend for a dinner at Marche in Suntec. Terry, LiXiang and Jacky couldn’t make it. After that went to watch some performance at Esplanade before going home.

Chio bu is all over the street today. In Marche, we sat one large group of people, we presumed is Japanese. ALL the girls there are chio and have the height and figure to be a model. The guys in the group are damm luckly. Don’t really regret going out today, a feast for the eyes. LOL

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Pete’s Place

Yesterday went to Pete’s Place in Singapore Hyatt hotel. It is an Italian restaurant, went there for lunch with my mom and 2 of her friends. The food that is great and the price is reasonable too.

Later in the day, went to Ikea for dinner because my mom want to buy a side table for her company. The cafe didn’t sell the roast beef today so end up eating the salmon. I miss the beef there. Sighz.

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Yesterday Xiu Yu came my house. Help her install some stuffs on her notebook. Either her computer’s graphics card or her monitor’s cable is faulty as no data is being transmitted to the monitor. Didn’t join my secondary school friends for supper because I was not feeling well. Wasted. Next Monday one of them will be going to Army. I want to see the before and after version of him.

Felt so much better after perspiring it out by eating Laksa and doing some exercise. Slept for 17 hours and woke up this afternoon and I am totally back to normal.

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The 46th Grammy Awards

As expected by myself I missed the live telecast of The 46th Grammy Awards because I just couldn’t get out of my bed. No choice but to wait for the encore telecast at 10pm on Channel 5. Yong Tang came my house, help him settle his FYP stuff. I find that even though NP FYP is 1 year and is a solo project. The project is quite easy. I think given to anyone, just 1 week is more than enough to settle the whole prototype/product. I feel so proud of my FYP project =D

Couldn’t sleep well the whole night because half way through my sleep, I suddenly felt VERY cold, and keep shivering. I cover my whole body with my blanket and off the air-con but I am still shivering. I thought I have a fever, but after taking my temperature, at 6.30am, my body’s temperature is normal. Took 2 panadole and played CS till 7.30am before I was enough tired to sleep. Again half-way through my sleep, I felt very cold again even with blanket and air-con off. And that makes me here typing this blog.

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Thai Glico Dinner 2004

Been a busy Thursday and Friday for me. I spent most of the time getting the interface done for my ITP project administration interface. As my design, suck, I decided to use Windows XP Silver color scheme. I have use sessions to authenticate users instead of cookies. I find this is the best administration section I have done so far. What makes me so motivated? Because I getting my pay on Thursday. =D Money makes the world go around, don’t they?

On Friday, had dinner with my mom and Thai Glico. It is a yearly thing whereby agents of Glico from Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia will have dinner with the head of Thai Glico. 15 people went, sat in 2 tables, location at Wan Hao Restaurant in Marriott Hotel. It is a 10 course dinner, every dish the food is PERFECT especially the Yue Sheng, Abalone and Bamboo Rice. It has to be the best food I have ever eaten. Even last year the location was at Wan Hao, but the menu is difference. Almost every delicacy was served, thus the bill add up to around $1200 per table not including drinks. They are really generous. So please buy more Pocky!

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William Hung Is An Idol

Just came back from a Laksa lunch at Depot Road. I think that is the best tasting Laksa in Singapore and not even Katong Laksa can beat it.

My dad’s car had been repaired since yesterday, it cost $140 and the fellow at IDAC said it will be almost $1k. The taxi cost is around $200 + $100 for 1 day lost of use of car. So total is around $500 for a minor accident and a lesson learned.

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Mom’s Company CNY Dinner 2004

Met up with my Liaison Officer today in SP at the café. He need some help on how to install Apache, PHP and MYSQL. Also showed him the work that I have done so far. He seems to be satisfied with my work so far. Went to meet Geargina in 2055 to take back my Heer Card.

Came back, played abit of Final Fantasy VII. The game have some compatibility issues with Windows XP and ATI Radeon 9800 but thanks to Google, I managed to find a good site which provides all the necessary patches. 6 Years ago FFVII I find that the graphics is good and running in 640×480 is the best. 6 years later (now) I find the graphics is average and the resolution is too low for my LCD monitor to displayed it properly. No choice but to bare with it because I just love FFVII.

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The Last Samurai

Been a long time since I last overslept, maybe the weather today is good to sleep or I am just plain tired or my alarm clock is spoiled. Suppose to meet Xiu Yu at 10am but I woke up at 9.30pm. But luckily my mom woke up on time and ask me whether I want a ride to Marina Square, and due to that I was late for only 5 minutes. I think Xiu Yu can be considered the most punctual girl in DMMT because every time go out with her she is always on time. =p

Had the $1.80 Sausage McMuffin With Egg for breakfast and watch The Last Samurai at GV Marina. The show last for around 2 hours and 30 minutes, and yes the show rocks. So far all my friends who watched the show, said it was good. At first I thought it was just another crap movie, but after watching it, it was nice. The show tells us alot about honor and the last battle was touching. They did not use much special effects, maybe only for the start of the movie and I think ALOT of casts are involved because of the battle.

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Happy 21st Birthday Laily!

Woke up early yesterday and went to take my scholarship from Singapore Toys and Confectionery Association. It is a $500 scholarship. But rather this is an unforgettable event. I will explain it.

The Singapore Toys and Confectionery Association is located at one of the street in Geylang, there are no more parking lot along that street so I proceed on to the next street. Saw a parallel parking lot so I went in. As the lot is beside the construction site, I felt it is not safe. So I moved off bit by bit till my car is 1/4 out of the parking lot. Then suddenly one taxi traveling straight hit my car front part. It was a very minor accident. Both parties is at fault but due to the fact that straight road have the right of the way, 90% is my fault. I am at fault because I did not see the taxi as I thought 1/4 of my car is out and most people will give way to you. The taxi is at fault because it is traveling at a very fast speed in a very narrow lane. When I say very fast I mean at least 60km/h because after hitting my car’s front part, the taxi still did not stop completely but continue to move on and that explains why there is a long scratch on his car. Luckily my mom was around and can settle it with him as I got no experience in this. The worst part is that I dreamed I got involved in a car accident also where 1 car knock into my car behind the previous night. Talk about Deja vu

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