DAMM, My NS Letter Came

On Friday went to Phuse’s house to help in solve his computer problem. After staying there for 6 hours, we still can’t solve it because his motherboard is a goner.

We had dinner at Kopitiam beside West Mall, the Ban Mian there rocks. $4, very big portion, lots of ingredients and taste good!

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Dinner At Jurong Point

Met up with Jackey and Co at Jurong Point for dinner. Wanted to eat Fish & Co, but most of them are on budget constrain., thus we went to the foodcourt for our dinner. I ate the fried fish steamboat, the fried fish is nice but the soup is too milky. Geargina and Terry also ate from the same stall but we purposely ordered different dish. Apparently their soup taste better. =(

Please check your NS enlistment status here.

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My First April’s Fool Joke

Just watched finished Timeline. I kinda like the show, is nice at least for me. It is something like Butterfly Effect but less confusing. Thumbs up for the movie.

I also watched Love Actually again. As usual Singapore’s Censorship Board censor some parts of the movie. If you watched it in Singapore, you would miss a story about 2 porn stars who fell in love, the scene features nudity.

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Singapore vs Japan

Singapore will take on Japan tonight at Jalan Besar Stadium. It will be telecast live on Channel i at 8pm. The odds on Singapore Pools is kinda interesting. If you buy Singapore Win is $1 pay $15. Draw is $1 pay $9. Japan Win is $1 pay $1.05. I can confirm that 99% Singapore will lose. The remaining 1% is either referee kelong or they are damm luckly.

2010 is the year set by the minister for Singapore Team to go into World Cup is really a joke. Not say I don’t support our own team, but we need to be realistic. If you see how Singapore’s team play and how other country’s team play, you will see a huge difference. I would predict that Japan will beat Singapore 4 to 1.

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The Haunted Mansion

Went to pray my grandmother yesterday to avoid the crowd next week due to Ching Ming Festival. Apparently almost everyone think the same and at the temple it is pretty crowded.

Watched Darren and Evelyn Wedding on Channel U. It was pretty grand and I think the wedding must be very expensive, but I think is kinda worth it as you normally only need to go through it one time. Money makes the world goes round.

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Unreal Tournament 2004 Competition

Met up with my team today for the competition at Sim Lim Square. Just before the match starts, there alot of cock up, thus the whole match was delayed for about 45 minutes. We got trashed by Ash Team 2 16-0, we trashed BDay Team 8-0. The 3rd match was a walked over because the other team back out. Our 2nd match end at 7.45pm and we are suppose to wait till 3.30am for the next match and our next opponent is the best UT clan in Singapore. We saw them play and make the decision to forfeit because it is impossible to win them. On overall the match system suck, it is not about endurance, it is about waiting or rather overnight gaming. Thumbs down to the organizer.

And I think alot of teams forfeit too. We are not sore losers but smart losers, why wait for 6 hours to play UT and can’t even get any prizes while you can play it at the comfort of your own home. =D

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Paradiz Center

Met up with my #pixel.junkies friends for a LAN training session at IRC at Parklane, the computer there kinda suck especially the graphics card, price pretty standard, $2.50 per hour.

Luckily I was around Parklane area because the organizer of the UT2K4 competition called me up at 6.30pm and ask me to meet at the LAN shop opposite Parklane to draw lots for the match at 9pm. Got A5 as my team number. The match SYSTEM SUCKS. The person who thought of that is an idiot. Ours is the first match and also the last match, people normally start early and end early, ours is start early end late.

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My 20th Birthday

Celebrated my 20th birthday with Jackey, Johnson, Terry, LiXiang, Serene, Suqin and Laily at Suntec City’s Joaquim Buffet Restaurant. The food was quite okie but the company you are eating with is great.

Went to Esplanade later and they gave me many presents there. I love all the presents and Laily did one portrait in vector arts of the 9 of us. That present is priceless, I really love it. Thanks Bong!

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The Butterfly Effects

Met up with Zeus today for a Ba Chou Mee lunch at Marina Square. Caught The Butterfly effects. It is a good show, interesting and unique storyline and least confusing as the Runaway Jury but still can be confusing. Thumbs up for this movie.

Met up with Jackey and co to help me dye my hair at LiXiang House, quite pai say, 4 people help me out in that. Thanks Jacky, LiXiang, Laily and Serene! You all are the best.

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Runaway Jury

Saturday was a busy day, was out all the way from 10am to 4am. Went with LiXiang to apply for passport, to my surprise it only takes 10 minutes. Fill up the form, pay and drop it into the box and next week your passport will be ready. It is so efficient. I did inquire when we need to change our IC, and it will be 30 years old, not immediately after NS.

Met up with Jacky for a shopping trip, bought a casual long sleeves shirt from Levi’s because I have a $20 voucher, so paid $59.90. Jacky bought a pair of Levi’s jeans and 2 t-shirts, while LiXiang bought a techno CD. Was quite surprised that she also like Techno/Trance because as far as I know, other that HuiJuan and I, no one really likes techno/trance.

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