LOTR: The Trilogy Marathon

Sighz, envy those people who watched the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy Marathon today. But nevermind shall watched it tomorrow. Thanks to my uncle Terry, I got 3 free tickets to watch LOTR: Return Of The King at Shaw Lido tomorrow. The show will starts at 8.30pm. He also passed me 2 tickets for a free popcorn combo set. He told me that Starhub gave him those tickets. I think i going to watch this show at least 2 more time, one with Serene and Co and the other with David. But first things first, tomorrow will be going with Geargina and Xiu Yu.

Finally going to have my driving lesson tomorrow, been 1 week since my last lesson, and I kinda missed driving. LOL.

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Great Nap

Had Laksa from Depot Road for my breakfast before going to school for day 2 of the Flash Workshop. Today lesson was very short and we went home after lunch because our ang-moh lecturer was not feeling well as he ate the wrong food for dinner yesterday, and thus food poisoning. I don’t know to be happy or to be sad. Happy is that I can go home early because I was so tired but sad because he took his time off to teach us and he got food poisoning.

Came home took a long nap all the way to 8pm, felt so great after that. Been lack of sleeps for the past few days. But actually today I learned quite a number of Flash stuffs from him. I must say the way he do stuffs in flash is VERY efficient. Learned how to create mouse trail, sliding menu, bouncing ball with physics using just a few lines of codes from action script. I know I start my lesson today instead of yesterday.

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Flash Design Workshop

Day 1 of some so called Flash Design Workshop. Thought it starts at 9am as stated by the e-mail. Reached there at 8.45am and realize it starts at 9.30am. The place was at T131/32. It is a lecturer’s learning block where lecturers are so called taught on a particular module, and they in turn teaches us. Went in after 9.30am, check my SP email, and realize it was 9.30am. The first email they sent to my Singnet and SP Account but the 2nd email they send to my SP Account. Some SP lecturers is one hell of a blur sotong.

The workshop as what the lecturer told me is suppose to be Web and Flash Design, but so far is only in Flash, and I went not because of the Flash but because of the Web Design. End up spend 1 whole day learning flash from the start, but the stuffs he teach is at intermediate level. Wish he is our lecturer but he is a lecturer lecturer, if you get what I mean. I am not sure where is he from. I think should be England as he keep saying bad things about Americans.

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Samsung SGH-S500

Recently have been raining for almost every day. I just love the weather, so cooling. Very nice weather to eat spicy stuffs and steamboats.

Yesterday, followed my parents to send my brother to tuition somewhere in Bedok. While waiting for his tuition to ends, we went to Tampines Mall for a walk. It was so crowded, just realize Tampines Mall that area has quite a number of shops and buildings for you to shop. I took notice of handphones and caught upon Samsung instead of Nokia 6100 which I intend to get actually. I wanted to give Samsung a try so my choices narrow down to two choices, S300 or s500. I did not want a camera phone as I can’t use it during NS (who would want to steal Singapore Defense Technology).

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LOTR: The Two Towers

Yesterday practically rained the whole day since afternoon. Went for my 26th driving lesson yesterday. That will be my last lesson following the book, because I have clear all the subjects/stages. For the next 10 lessons will be all revisions, and hoping to book my Traffic Police Test on the 8th January 2004.

Today went to watched Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers with Serene. Saw some new scenes because it is the extended version. The whole movie last for 214 minutes according to GV. It was a 11am show and it is still kinda pack. We met up with Charlene later and went for a shopping spree. Wanted to buy my dad a Nike Cap, but end up bought him a Nike t-shirt from Stadium in Ngee Ang City. The t-shirt was made up of some materials that suppose to let perspiration to evaporate faster, or something like that.

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Brother Bear

Met up with Geargina yesterday for lunch and movie. Cineleisure has really changed alot since my last time there. Some new stalls are up, level 4 has 3 more cinemas and E-Zone became like 1/10 of its original size. Had lunch at Pasta Mania, also have been a long time since I ate it. There are 2 versions of Brother Bear showing, one is the digital version and the other is the normal one. The sound and image of the digital version is much clearer of course, and the best thing about it is that the price remains the same and there is no advertisements. Of course we caught the digital version. As usual, cartoons always last less than 90 minutes and their storyline is always good, this one is no exception. Quite worth $6.50 if you ask me.

Bought Linkin Park: Live In Texas the DVD from Sambawang Music Store. I bought it so late because I thought it is only a VCD and it cost $29.90. Didn’t know that it is a DVD actually, because the packaging sure look like a VCD. But anyway, after watching the video, I find it “not live” at all because I can see lots of editing has been done to the audio channel (sometimes the lip sync doesn’t match the music playing).

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LOTR: The Fellowship Of The Ring

Had tim sum for lunch on Sunday at Lei Garden because it was my uncle’s (mom’s brother) birthday. After that went to buy some chocolates from Mark And Spencer. The stuffs there really is expensive.

Took a nap when I got home till the night. Channel 8 is showing the Star Awards 2003 from 7pm to 10pm. People who are involved in Holland Village got lots of awards.

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Body Worlds

Yesterday, went to meet Xiu Yu for the Body Worlds Exhibition at Singapore Expo. Had lunch at Mos Burger in Tampines Mall. Tried the Mos Chicken. It taste unique and is quite okie, but it is kinda oily.

The entrance fees for Body Worlds is $18 for adults and polytechnic students, whereas JC students and below is only $12. I really don’t understand what is the difference between poly students and JC students. Not only the price differ for this exhibition, even for transportation it is also different pricing. I seriously don’t know what the heck MOE is thinking. I am not the first one to complain about this. This issue also has been published in the Straits Time Forums.

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National Service Checkup

Met up with the IT personal of my client yesterday to upload our FYP to the testing server. It will be live after 2 weeks once my client approves it. Will be there when it goes live just in case something happens (touch wood). Followed my group members to Clementi’s Mac Donald’s for a drink and sat there and chit chat. I left the place early to meet Geargina.

As her computer power supply got some problems, her computer cannot boot up. Met her at her dad’s workplace and carried the computer all the way to Sim Lim Square. Not that bad, at least the computer is lighter than my previous computer and her dad’s workplace is very near to Sim Lim Square. I was quite surprise to see that her computer’s casing is the same as my current computer casing, just that mine is black.

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Parklane Wan Ton Mee

Yesterday, went to meet up with Geargina for lunch near Parklane. Actually wanted to eat chicken rice, end up eating Parklane Want Ton Mee at some building which I do not know the name. Now I know that the Parklane Wan Ton Mee Stall in Tiong Bahru Plaza is the same as that stall over at Parklane. The Wan Ton Mee taste quite good.

Went to eat Tao Hui from my favorite stall. It has been a long time since I ate the Tao Hui with my secondary school friends. Those were the good old days. Now all of us are busy with our own stuffs, unlike those good old days.

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