In Less Than 24 Hours

Had my 14th driving lesson today, learned how to parked vertically and negotiate slopes on public roads. With the guidance of poles, parking seems to be very easy. While on the other hand slopes is difficult, I think that is my weakest point.

Played abit of Counter-Strike 1.6, don’t know why, ever since CS became version 1, I don’t really like it. Is like any-o-how spray then it will be any-o-how headshot. Whereas last time is really depends on your skills. Well guess that my skills sucks so play for fun!

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Exams Are Finally Over!

On Sunday, went with my parents to Orchard Cineplex for breakfast at the food court there. I didn’t know that after 14th November 2003, the food court there will be gone because the lease has expired. Not too sure whether they will be another food court or they will be using the place for something else.

Met up with Geargina at Orchard and went to study for ELIT in a Vietnamese cafe at UE Square. The banana milk shake and the spicy Vietnamese noodle is nice (even though it is not really that spicy). Walked around clark Quey before going to Liang Court for dinner. Ate the Japanese Potato (don’t really know how to spell it) Curry Rice from some stall outside the supermarket.

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Its November!

How time flies, another 61 days we will be in year 2004. Now I have been used to updating this blog 2 days once. Have not really been studying for ELIT for the past 2 days because I am on holiday mode now. Read through my stack of thick notes twice, then tomorrow will be memorizing the main points.

These few days have been sleeping very late, as late as 4.30am, then today woke up at 3.30pm. Half the day gone. LOL.

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JSPG Exams Over

Took my JSPG exams yesterday, the paper was easy. So much easier compared to the mid term test. I think the lecturer is helping us. It is a 2 hour paper, but most of us took less than 2 hours.

After exams went to Clementi for dinner. Lester Goh drove, so I took his car. He drive super fast, imagine 4 people lives in his hand. But then it was quite exciting and can’t complain much because it is a free ride. If not next time no more ride for me! =p

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Written Programming Exams

These 2 days, have been slacking even though my JSPG exams is tomorrow. I just hate written programming exams, especially the theory part. Like for example how many JDBC drivers are there. Who really cares about those stuffs. And we are suppose to test on Java Server Pages not damm bloody Java GUI. Lazy programmer like me will use designer for the GUI and not code it.

Went for my 12th driving lesson today, basically today I just keep turning right and right. LOL. Went to meet up with Serene and Lester Goh to study for JSPG at Galeria Cafe(not sure of the spelling) in Popular Bookstore at Chua Chu Kang after my driving. Spent $10 bucks on ham and cheese sandwich and Banana Smoothie. Expensive! Luckily there is no such cafe near my area, if not I am going to be broke as I think most of the time I will patronize it. LOL

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Lei Garden Tim Sum

Yesterday went for my last lesson for the semester, ELIT lecture. The lecturer give some tips on ELIT exams, so is very important. Damm scared of ELIT exams, the paper weightage is 70% and the paper is all about memory work. The more free space you have in your brain, the higher marks you get. I hate this type of exams, how many people will still remember all these information after the exams is over. This is sooooo crap.

Went to present my FYP to my client together with some parents at Health Promotion Board, just need some touching up and changes if there is any from the client and wala. It is completed.

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Happy Deepavali

Hope is not too late to wish all Indians a Happy Deepavali.

Yesterday went for my 11th driving lesson, which is in the night. At night there is much more cars than in the day and I thought it should be the opposite. Guess I going to complete stage 2 of the driving soon, there are a total of 5 stages.

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FYP Presentation

Had my GAME test yesterday, rushed through the test and I finished it within an hour even though it is a 2 hour paper. LOL

My FYP presentation yesterday was not that good as compared to the Interim presentation. Our project supervisor said that the presentation was not that good but the demonstration was ok. But we feel vice versa. The whole session should be around 90 minutes but we took less than 60 minutes to finish the whole thing. Suppose to have hands on but all the judges doesn’t want hands on.

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Final Year Project Handed In

Finally handed in our Final Year Project which consists of about 400 pages of documentations, poster design and the source code. All our hardwork for the past 16 weeks finally paid off. Even though the at the start of the FYP, we faced quite a number of problems, we still managed to finish everything on time, and that is a very good achievement for us.

Tomorrow will be FYP presentation at 11am, but before that I will be taking my GAME exams till 10.30am. I hope the paper is easy so that I can leave early and have 1 final rehearsal for my presentation.

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Final Year Project Due Soon

Went for my ELIT excursion to CID, Technology Crime Division on Saturday. Basically I did not learn much from it. Was hoping that they will show a demo on how they trace hackers but sad to say, it is confidential and they cannot show it. Actually I am quite interested in the job scope but there is no direct entry to it, you need to work as a policeman for 5 years and they will head hunt you. If I want, I can sign on in army for 5 years. But then I don’t think being a policeman is what I want even though the benefits is very attractive.

My group members came my house after that, did FYP till in the night. We had pizza for dinner. Long time since I ate pizza.

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