School Of Rock

I have broken my sleep record. I woke up at 5pm on Sunday after sleeping at 5am on the same day. What did I do till 5am? Debugging WordPress 1.0. The importing file from b2 to WordPress is one hell of a headache. So many bugs that could not even run the file, I really wonder how did it pass the test. Of course I managed to fix it and get it up and running on my localhost. I told the developers many times about the bug, either they did not bother about me or they are fixing it.

It is a Sunday and my mom is working till 8pm because Chinese New Year is coming and she will be working for 7 days till 8pm. After fetching her from work, went to Great World City for dinner. First time my parents ate Teppanyaki together with my brother and I. They do not really like it. Had desserts at McCafe, and their Banana Chocolate Cake is fantastic. It is quite expensive because the slice of the cake is small.

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Musical Fountain

Yesterday, had my driving lesson. It was the sarcastic instructor, but at least this time he did not pick on me all the time because I correct what he told me is wrong from the previous lesson and that seems to be the way to stop him.

Met up with Jacky, Serene, Laily and Laily Sister to watch LOTR: The Return Of The King again. I bought a Adidas shoe, white shoe with black stripes. Cost me $107 after 10% discount for the Heer Card. I simply love the card and I can say it is very worth it even if you are paying $15 for it.

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Happy New Year 2004

Met up with Hui Juan earlier yesterday at City Hall to exchange Christmas Gifts. Soon after, meet up with the rest of the people, Jacky, Serene, Geargina, Suqin and LiXiang. We had dinner at Breeks at Marina Square. Each person is around $30 bucks and the food is quite okie, not fantastic though. The restaurant is really packed but luckily thanks to my mom who helped me reserved a table, we do not need to queue.

After dinner, we walked to Suntec City, saw some LOTR swords at Caesar Place, it was very nice. Suqin was so tempted to buy the LOTR the ring which cost around $30.

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Last Day Of 2003

Met up with Geargina on Monday to have lunch at One More Restaurant at Marina Square. They serve buffet style food it is something like those Marina South’s BBQ except that it got Teppanyaki. The food there is below average or rather nothing really special about it. Not worth going there again.

Went to Far East Plaza to look at some Lord Of The Rings Stuff, Geargina bought the Arwen’s Pendant, cost around $270+, but it is very nice. Next month I will buy the miniature Narsil Sword when I get my ITP pay. Cost around $79.

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Louis Vuitton Key Pouch

Went to Waterloo Street’s Temple to pray for my driving. Had lunch together with my auntie’s family at Hereen’s Lemon Grass. I had the 25% discount voucher thanks to the Heer Card. The food portion is quite alot, and 7 of us can’t really finish the food. The food is average, not that fantastic anyway.

My brother bought 2 fourskins t-shirt and I bought 1 and got the other free because I have completed my fourskin card with 10 stamps or was it 12 stamps? I can’t really remember. Nowadays fourskin most of the t-shirts are in white, so I think I got at least 7 to 8 white t-shirts.

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TP Test Booked

Went for my driving yesterday, it was smooth and I hope my standard can be constant till after my Traffic Police Test which will be on 8th January at 2.45pm. Wish me luck guys and girls.

Came home took a long nap and finally caught enough sleep to make my life back to normal again. Started work for my “About Section” for my version 2.0. It is now completed. I just find it very plain, but I see what can I add. I aim for every page to have valid XHTML to meet the standards of W3C. Something like an ISO thing.

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Merry Christmas 2003

I think this shall be my longest blog post ever with more than 1000 words.

I really enjoyed my Christmas’s celebration together with my secondary school and poly friends. Been one of the best celebration ever. Hope next year there will be another chance as I will be going in to Army.

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Damm Slope

Yesterday, gave my parents their Christmas Presents. They are shocked as expected because for the past 19 years I did not give them any. But from this year on, I will give them on their birthdays and Christmas. No doubt about it, they are very happy with it especially my mom.

To so called ‘celebrate’ this issue, we went to Liang Court Nanto for Japanese food and dessert at Swesens. The whole Liang Court is really like a ghost town unlike last time where it is so crowded. That was like a decade ago.

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Christmas Seaon

Yesterday had my driving lesson yesterday. It was my the other instructor, Mr Tang. He is a good instructor that always point out my slightest mistake which from my point of view I think is excellent as I can aim for perfection. The only thing I don’t like about him is he is very sarcastic and he don’t like me to argue back with him. Sighz.

Was early for 2 whole hours, so had dinner at Marina Square and walked around Raffles City. Got some Christmas Presents for my friends too.

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LOTR: The Return Of The King

Had 27th driving lesson yesterday, not that bad but always at this time (4.40pm) slot there is lots of traffic due to people getting home from work. Met up with Geargina at BBDC, she went to take the BTT Evaluation. She is better than me, it took me like 7 times before I can pass my evaluation and she only took 1 time. Today got only 6 points for my evaluation rather then my previous one which is like 26 points.

Went to Clementi to fix her spectacles and on the way we decided to have dinner there instead of at Orchard. Met up with Xiu Yu later at Shaw. It was really crowded at Lido. I think the whole theater 1 is being book by Starhub. And the theater is really huge. But I still don’t like Lido seats. It is very cramp for people who have long legs.

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