Body Worlds

Yesterday, went to meet Xiu Yu for the Body Worlds Exhibition at Singapore Expo. Had lunch at Mos Burger in Tampines Mall. Tried the Mos Chicken. It taste unique and is quite okie, but it is kinda oily.

The entrance fees for Body Worlds is $18 for adults and polytechnic students, whereas JC students and below is only $12. I really don’t understand what is the difference between poly students and JC students. Not only the price differ for this exhibition, even for transportation it is also different pricing. I seriously don’t know what the heck MOE is thinking. I am not the first one to complain about this. This issue also has been published in the Straits Time Forums.

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National Service Checkup

Met up with the IT personal of my client yesterday to upload our FYP to the testing server. It will be live after 2 weeks once my client approves it. Will be there when it goes live just in case something happens (touch wood). Followed my group members to Clementi’s Mac Donald’s for a drink and sat there and chit chat. I left the place early to meet Geargina.

As her computer power supply got some problems, her computer cannot boot up. Met her at her dad’s workplace and carried the computer all the way to Sim Lim Square. Not that bad, at least the computer is lighter than my previous computer and her dad’s workplace is very near to Sim Lim Square. I was quite surprise to see that her computer’s casing is the same as my current computer casing, just that mine is black.

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Parklane Wan Ton Mee

Yesterday, went to meet up with Geargina for lunch near Parklane. Actually wanted to eat chicken rice, end up eating Parklane Want Ton Mee at some building which I do not know the name. Now I know that the Parklane Wan Ton Mee Stall in Tiong Bahru Plaza is the same as that stall over at Parklane. The Wan Ton Mee taste quite good.

Went to eat Tao Hui from my favorite stall. It has been a long time since I ate the Tao Hui with my secondary school friends. Those were the good old days. Now all of us are busy with our own stuffs, unlike those good old days.

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Sitex 2003 Day 4

Almost the whole day was out with my parents. Woke up at 10am and went to Marina Square foodcourt. My parents wanted to try out the minced pork noodle. Mom applied the UOB Metro Visa Credit Card as the first 3 years is free. Went over to Suntec City to collect a free organizer from Bree. It stated it worth $180 on the voucher, but when we got it, I doubt it is even worth more than $20. Finally found those fake mountain climbing hooks from a shop close to the Duck Tours Counter in Suntec’s City. Been looking high and low for it.

Went to Bras Basah’s Popular to buy my brother textbooks. Surprising after the 5% discount, it is even cheaper than buying from bookshop and you can even pay by credit card. On the way bought a SAT book, need to study for it as I hope to take the test somewhere in April 2004.

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Sitex 2003 Day 3

Had my 22nd driving lesson today. After my 20th lesson, I kinda got alot of confidence when it comes to driving, need lesser time to warm up each time. But parking is still my killer. Today both of my fixed instructor didn’t come, so a stand-in instructor taught me. At first he talk to me in English, and it was kinda fluent, don’t know why suddenly he talked to me in Mandarin, and give me all those driving terms in Mandarin. Really had to think for a second what does it mean. Especially turn left and right in Mandarin. I know my Mandarin sucks.

Went for lunch with my mom before returning home. Wanted to take a short nap but end up tidying my computer table. Now it is really spacious and neat.

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2003/2004 Semester 1 Modules Grades

Check my results for this semester. All of us thought it will be out on 29th November 2003 at 8.30am, but the actual fact is on 28th November 2003 at 8.30am, which means since this morning it has been already out and I never checked it.

Anyway, I think this semester I did the best. As what XiuYu say, it is a happy ending because this is our last study semester. =D

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Sitex 2003 Day 2

Met Geargina for lunch at Burger King in Tiong Bahru Plaza. The student price for the set meals is cheap. A Mushroom Swiss Meal cost $4.50 while the usual price is around $6.

Went straight to Sitex 2003 after lunch for the 2nd time. Walked around and this time we talk to SuQin longer. Feel like a VIP when you walk through those lanes where on each side there are so many people giving out flyers. Those companies selling camera stuffs always hire model or chio bu to distribute those flyers. No wonder they always say “sex sells”. I doubt many people will buy computer systems from there. Most just go there, take a look, and keep themselves updated, while some may buy some accessories like printers, monitors, cameras, speakers etc.

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Sitex 2003

Yesterday I went for my 21st driving lesson. Finally learned parallel parking, it wasn’t that difficult because there are guide poles. Imagine when you just passed your driving, the killing subject will be parking, be it vertical or parallel.

Met up with Geargina later to watch Warriors Of Heaven And Earth at Jurong Point. The show lasted slightly more than 2 hours. The storyline was not that bad but then the movie is kinda boring because it lacks action.

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Looney Tunes Back In Action

Yesterday went to Funan to buy my mouse with Geargina. Bought the Logitech MX 500 Optical Mouse from PK Computer. Had minced pork noodle from Marina Square for our lunch. The queue was shorter than that day, so took me about 20 minutes or so.

Walked round Suntec’s City and Marina Square. Saw Lynn working at the Singapore Visitor Center. Those round stalls there is near Esprit. As we suppose to meet Elaine and Benjamin at 5.45pm and we were still very early, we took a walk round Raffles City. The computer shop, Planet E+G is now gone. Below at the atrium they are having some sort of Disney fair. Lots of Disney’s stuffs including the latest cartoon, Brother Bear.

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Secondary School Friends Gathering

Had a meeting with my client yesterday to discuss about the final changes that need to be made to The Quiet Room and CBT before we upload it to the live server.

As the meeting was quite short, came home after that to take a nap before meeting my secondary school friends at Tiong Bahru Plaza. Long time didn’t been to Tiong Bahru Plaza even though I stayed so near. So many new shops especially the basement 1 and they opened a new branch of Long John Silvers there.

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