LOTR Marathon Sold Out

Stayed up till 4am today, and the bloody GV site still doesn’t allow me to book for the LOTR Marathon. The tickets at Cinelesiure seems to be sold out when I went in at around 1am.

Went to bed, set my alarm clock to 9am to wake up and book, who knows when I woke up at 9am, left the 2nd row from the front. I was like “what the fuck?”. 5 hours and almost sold out thanks to the tiny theater that GV assigned the marathon too. They should have it at Great World City Theater 6, where it is one of the biggest theater in Singapore. And special thanks to the fucked up webmaster who didn’t update the bloody database even at 4am where it suppose to go live at 12.01am.

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My New Computer

Yesterday went to Sim Lim Square to buy my new computer. Bought it from Fuwell. I don’t know why, but I just kinda like the shop there, my brother computer and some other of my hardwares are also bought from there. My old computer(2.0Ghz) will be selling to my mom office for about $1.5k, and my new computer cost $2.6k exactly, so paid extra $1.1k.

Current New Computer Specs:

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Worms3D Multiplayer

Stayed at home the whole Monday, did nothing productive but I managed to complete Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour GLA side. The missions in Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour are so much difficult compared to Command & Conquer Generals.

Today went for my 18th driving lesson, it was another instructor because my instructor was on urgent leave, and the other was working on afternoon shift. Learned reversing in between 2 poles, it was a very difficult job. But luckily it will not be tested, but it will aid alot in my parking.

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Li Xiang Birthday Celebration

Yesterday went to celebrate Li Xiang birthday. It was a belated celebration because her actual birthday was on Wednesday (12th November) and the actual day itself, lots of people is working, thus we postpone the celebration to Saturday.

We met up at 4.30pm at Marina Square. Marina Square is really happening, it was very crowded and I do not know the reason behind it. We went for Kenny Rogers for dinner, they complained that the food there sucks, which I do not really agree with. If you get sick of it if you eat too much, but the food ain’t that bad.

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Yesterday went for a lunch steak meal at Sizzler with Geargina. The price is almost the same as Ponderosa. But the salad bar of Ponderosa has more variety than that of Sizzler. Regarding the choices of steak, Sizzler has more unique choices. But overall, I still prefer Ponderosa. Didn’t know that my Popular card can get a 10% discount there, I practically thought that the Popular Card is useless besides being able to use it at Popular Bookstore.

Walked round Suntec, before having dinner at the Marina Square open air foodcourt. Of course, the only motive when going to the food court there is to eat the minced pork noodle! The queue was kinda long, but when you want to eat good food, you have to be patient!

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Genki Sushi

Yesterday went back to school to help my FYP supervisor install our FYP project onto his laptop because he need to show it to the school committee on the following day for marks moderation. Hope can get an A for FYP.

Met up with my group members at Marina Bay MRT to go Long Beach Marina for dinner. It is my treat because I am the leader and the fyp is a successful one, so must enjoy ourselves by eating seafood!

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Industrial Attachment Interview

Went for my ITP(Industrial Training Program) Interview at The Alpha, Science Park II. The company is Pi Eta Consulting Company. This company deals with financial risk analysis. 7 of us went for the interview, 4 from our course and 3 from DIT if I am not wrong. Out of 7 they will choose around 4-5 people. The job will be converting the current software which is written in VB6 on Windows Platform to web-based. The web programming language used is ASP and database is Microsoft SQL Server.

I kinda like the working environment, it is at Science Park II, my old workplace is just 2 buildings away which my uncle is working in and my mom’s office is also nearby. So when going to working can go with my mom and after work can come back with my mom. So can save on transportation fees. There is a small canteen in The Alpha and there is a shuttle bus provided by Science Park to Clementi during lunch break.

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The Matrix Trilogy Marathon

Met up with Jacky, Serene, Laily, Johnson and Li Xiang At Suntec’s Carrefour to buy food for Li Xiang birthday steamboat dinner at my place.

Saw the new Nokia 6600 dummy model, not much luck of seeing the actual one, took the brochure. The features are good and the price is kinda reasonably but it is quite fat and bulky. I think the new Sony Ericsson P900 will be better.

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Short Notice

Went to Tiong Bahru Plaza for lunch With Jacky, Serene and Li Xiang and on the way to collect the tickets for Saturday’s Matrix Marathon. Li Xiang went back to SP to return books and the rest of us then went to Jurong Point to look-see look-see. Jean saw us at Jurong Point, and she hit my arm so hard that I got a shock. She went there to get her hair cut, and just nice Serene wanted to trim her hair, so end up both of them went for a hair cut at Storm while Jacky and I went to Mos Burger. Left for home around 6pm.

Today, went for my 15th driving lesson, it was the other instructor who took me, and I got “suan” so many times. The best part of it is that I cannot “suan” him back because I still want to pass my driving! So no choice but to keep quiet and keep nodding my head.

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Matrix Revolutions

Don’t worry, this post will not contain any spoiler if you DON’T click on the read more link below.

Went to Sim Lim Square with Suqin in the afternoon to get the price-lists of some shops. Will be getting a new computer plus an 17 inch LCD screen because my mom office will be buying my current computer. I am thinking of Intel Pentium 4 3.2C GHz, 1GB PC3200 RAM, GeForce FX 5800 128mb and Sound Blaster Audigy. I really like Sony LCD screen design, but it cost $899 and in terms of performance and value for money Samsung 173T win Sony but its design not really that attractive, but still is cheaper so most probably getting that.

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