LArobe 2Color Netbook Sleeve Review

The be.ez LArobe Netbook Cases is available in 5 colors, namely, Black & White, Blue, Green, Pink and Red for the 10.2″ models. It’s dimension 26.6cm x 19.2cm x 3cm and it weights 172 grams which is about the same weight as the Cool Bananas Netbook Envelope Case which I reviewed few days before.

The sleeve is made in a soft, shape-memory material using Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu) technology and the thickness of the form is 5mm and it also features and inner lip for maximum protection. This will absorb significant amount of knocks to your netbook. I believed (not tested) that it will also reduce the impact on your netbook if you drop it a low height.

I Got Mine In Blue
I Got Mine In Blue

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Fabrix Netbook & iPhone 3G Cases

I ordered the Fabrix Black Suite Delux Laptop Case for my Asus EEE 1000HE last friday and it was devliered to me this week on Tuesday. Even though the size states it is for Asus EeePC 1000/MSI Wind, it will fit the EEE 1000HE as well.

They are having a promotion, if you get any laptop cases, you will get S$10 off any sleeves, so I got the Fabrix Black Suite Sleeve for my Apple iPhone 3GS.

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Fabrix Cases

I ordered my Fabrix Cases for my MacBook Pro last Sunday and it got delivered to me on Wednesday via post. It is not by courier but a normal mail post (S$1.50 stamp). I am also wondering how the postman manage to squeeze the laptop sleeve into my letter box.

I ordered the Delux Laptop Cases and I chose Black Suite as the design. It cost S$59.90 and you can pay by Paypal. Delivery is free if it is within Singapore.

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SwitchEasy Capsule Neo For iPhone 3G

Bought the SwitchEasy Capsule Neo (black) case for my iPhone 3G for S$49.90 from GizmoSquare which is located at 102 Tanjong Pagar Road. I like the online store because I can pay by PayPal and then collect it at the physical store itself.

The opening hours on weekdays is from 12pm to 9pm, I went there at 5pm on Wednesday and I got a shocked that the store is closed. Before hand I emailed Curtis (the boss of GizmoSquare) and he told me to come before 7pm as he need to close early for the day and I did, I reached there at 5pm which is indeed before 7pm.

Package Contents

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Crumpler Bags

Initially I wanted to get 2 Crumpler bags from a Mass Order (MO) in Hardwarezone. But it was a flock and I got my refund back. I paid promptly and some other faggots just refused to pay and back out suddenly when the organizer wanted to place order and ask them for money. The MO was not much cheaper anyway, it was also about 10% and I paid $280 for the 2 bags listed below.

Instead I got the Crumpler bags from the Crumpler store located at Raffles City. I got myself “The Part and Parcel (Blue) (PP01A)” for $216 and got for LiXiang “The Headaitch (L) (Brown) (HD0102A)” for $96. Used my brother Apple Card and get a 10% off total bill and it amounted to $279.90 which is 10 cents cheaper than from the MO. LOL

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My New Crumpler Bag

Went to Tampines Mall yesterday after sending my brother to tuition. The whole Tampines Mall area is very crowded, no place to park the car, end up my dad park it at some HDB carpark above S-11 coffeeshop.

The reason maybe it is because there is a national Monopoly competition going on there. Had Fish & Co for dinner, the last time I ate it was during Johnson’s birthday last year. The chilli crab looks nice, wanted to order it but it is sold out.

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Louis Vuitton Wallet

Celebrated my cousin 6th birthday today at Lei Garden. Just in case you didn’t heard of Lei Garden, it is a Cantonese restaurant in Orchard Plaza that serve what I consider the best Tim Sum in Singapore. I had tried tim sum from different restaurants, but so far none can beat the standard of Lei Garden. Price wise, is a little bit expensive, 11 of us ate around $270 including dessert.

My brother went to Wallet Shop in Heeren and bought a FX Creation wallet. I went to the Louis Vuitton boutique and bought a Multiple Bill Wallet, half my scholarship money is gone. My mom saw a very nice bag, but cost $1.3k, next time when I go out to work I will buy that for her provided I earn more than $1.3k per month. LOL

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