WP-Email And WP-Print With WordPress 2.5

For some reasons, the core permalink structure of WordPress 2.5 has been changed just before it is being released (the problem is not there with WordPress 2.5 RC1).

If you get a 404 on WP-Email and WP-Print posts/pages, you need to get the latest development version of the respective plugins. Refer to the post above this.

I also wished I have more time to spend updating my plugins, but as my school is nearing the semester end, all my projects deadline are also coming and so are the end of semester exams. I can’t fork out any valuable time to update all my plugins for WP 2.5 and hence, 1st June 2008 should be the day I will roll out the updates to my plugins as my last paper is on 6th May 2008.

But in the mean time, I will try my best to address all issues related with my plugins and WordPress 2.5.

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My Plugins And WordPress 2.5

The current version of all my plugins will work on WordPress 2.5 PROVIDED you have upgraded your WordPress blog from WP 2.x to WP 2.5.

If you are using a fresh copy of WordPress 2.5 together with my plugins, it WILL NOT work as WordPress 2.5 changes the Activation Global Scope Of The Plugins. In simpler terms, it means that upon activation of my plugins in WP-Admin, it will not create the tables needed by the respective plugins.

To solve this problem temporary, do the following in polls.php (I am using WP-Polls as an example):


$wpdb->pollsq = $table_prefix.'pollsq';
$wpdb->pollsa = $table_prefix.'pollsa';
$wpdb->pollsip = $table_prefix.'pollsip';


global $wpdb;
$wpdb->pollsq = $wpdb->prefix.'pollsq';
$wpdb->pollsa = $wpdb->prefix.'pollsa';
$wpdb->pollsip = $wpdb->prefix.'pollsip';

Note the addition of the “global $wpdb;” and the replacement of “$table_prefix” with “$wpdb->prefix“.

I have updated WP-Polls, WP-ServerInfo, WP-Sticky and WP-UserOnline to work with WordPress 2.5. You can get them here at my downloads page (do note that they are still in beta). Those plugins that end with a “Beta 2” means it will work for WordPress 2.5.

Some of the updates are:

  • Making sure that the styling, alignment and color of the plugin matches WordPress 2.5
  • Fixes the “Activation Global Scope” issue
  • Updated WP-Polls TinyMCE plugin to work with TinyMCE 3.0
  • Added a summary of WP-ServerInfo as a Dashboard Widget
  • Added a summary of WP-UserOnline in the Right Now Dashboard Widget
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Packed Javascript For WP-Polls

As I have received many request to optimized the Javascript for WP-Polls (I will also do it for other plugins but I will beta test it with WP-Polls first), I have used Dean Edwards Packer to pack my Javascript for WP-Polls and then I have moved the Dynamic Javascript variables out of the Javascript file and into the PHP page and now I can renamed it back to .js extension instead of .php.

These 2 things that I have done should help reduce the load on the server.

If are interested to test it out, you can download WP-Polls 2.30 Beta 1.

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