SingTel Already Preparing MicroSIM

It seems that SingTel have already begun preparing MicroSIM for users. Accordingly to the user “MorpheusV” who posted in this thread, Looks like SingTel has started saling MicroSIM, states that when he sign up for SingTel’s 7.2Mbps 2 years contract, it comes with a Huawei E5832 and the sales person told him that the SIM card of the plan would be MicroSIM.

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Mini Interview By My Paper (我报)

Did a mini interview by Kenny Chee of My Paper (我报) regarding EpiCentre taking pre-order for iPad. I have negative views on this as EpiCentre did not do a great job last year when they handle the pre-order for iPhone 3GS and end up those who pre-order with them got it later than SingTel customers. It will be fine if you pre-order the iPad WiFi version but for the iPad 3G + WiFi version, there might be a chance that it will be given to telecos first.

my paper (我报) is Singapore’s first free chinese newspaper, launched on 1 June 2006, is designed for bilingual, young adults aged 20-40, who have been exposed to Western and Chinese cultures and want their voices to be heard.

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Happy 26th Birthday To Me

Celebrated my 26th Birthday at Resort World’s Chilli’s yesterday. It was my second time at Chilli’s, first time was at Tanglin Mall branch. Chilli’s food is fantastic but it is a bit pricey. Love the free flow of Tostada Chip for only S$6.90. The steak is very expensive, S$41.90, totally not worth it, don’t bother trying. But the Fajitas is very nice.

Total bill is S$107 including Li Xiang’s Strawberry Lemonade (S$4.90) and my Bottomless Beverage (S$4.90)

Universal Studio
Universal Studio

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Blogger Name Card

I finally got a blogger name card to give away during blogger events, thanks to Li Xiang who designed it for me. Printed it at Tommy Print. S$60 for 200 pieces. The price is pretty steep because the material used is translucent plastic card. It took a month before I am able to collect it. Guess not much people print those.

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Web Development On Mac

I am all along a Window user and have been doing web development on Windows for years. When I started work, all the guys in the engineering team are using Mac, so I thought I go with the flow and begin doing web development on a Mac. The experience was excellent, just need some time to get used to. After intensively using Mac for more than a month, I am proud to say, I am not going back to a Windows PC. My next computer shall be a Mac. I am hoping the 27″ iMac gets refreshed next year and it I am going to get that. Even Valve is bringing Steam to Mac. With Blizzard games able to run on Mac and Razer supporting it mice with Mac drivers. There is no reason for me to use a Windows PC anymore. If there is really a need (like testing website in IE), I will just use VMWare to run Windows 7.

Here are some software I use to do web development on Mac:

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Happy Lunar New Year 2010

This week marks the end of my second week of work at mig33. Work for me has been smooth. I like my job because it is what I like to do and what I used to do previously. Instead of coding WordPress plugins for the WordPress community, I am coding mig33 software for the mig33 community.

Today is the eve of Lunar New Year, I hereby wishes all Chinese a Happy Lunar New Year! And hope that they DO NOT take advantage of lunar new year to increase your food prices! It is ridiculous!

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Web Engineer at mig33

I have spent the first quarter of my life studying! 6 years in primary school, 4 years in secondary school, 3 years in Singapore Polytechnic (SP), 2 years and 2 months serving my nation, 3 years 6 months in National University of Singapore (NUS). Finally, it is time for me to step out to the working world and complete the other half of my life.

My last paper ended back on 3rd December 2009, went to Taiwan for my graduate trip from 7th to 13th December 2009 and went to Hong Kong with Li Xiang from 19th to 27th December 2009. Sent out my resumes to OCBC, UOB, SingTel, Matador, CSIT and Crimson Logic for the last 3 months but did not get a reply.

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Recommended 2-Bay NAS

I purchased my D-Link DNS-323 on the 1st September 2008 during Comex 2008.

3 days ago, my DNS-323 decided to give up on me, just after 1 year and 3 months! The warranty for the DNS-323 is only 1 year so my warranty had just ended! Argh!

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Looking Back 2009

Today is the last day of the year 2009. 10 years ago today, everyone was frantic about the Y2K bug. I will be watching Alvin & The Chipmunks 2: The Squeakquel at 10:50pm at GV VivoCity, so I will be spending the countdown inside the cinema watching the movie, first time experiencing this. Last year I was in Taiwan for the countdown, kinda miss that, that countdown was the best countdown I have ever been to so far. Singapore’s countdown is a total joke, who the heck want to watch Mediacorp’s artists perform? They are seriously overworked and underpaid.


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