UOB Mobile iPhone App

· · · Endorsement

UOB launched their mobile iPhone app (App Store: UOB Mobile Banking) yesterday.

Its differentiating factors from local banks’s iPhone app such as OCBC or DBS/POSB is the access to financial information (deposit/exchange rates, unit trust prices, gold/silver prices) and calculators for personal loans/home equity/financial services.

Mobile Cash

Crumpler Pouch – Haven (M)

· · · Case, Dock & Bag

Gotten another Crumpler pouch for my US trip next Sunday, this time is the Crumpler Pouch – Haven (M). This is the limited edition print and is retailing for S$79. As it is limited edition, no 10% discount is applicable.

I bought this pouch to place my Canon 50D (with 18-200mm lens) in it so that the camera can be place in my backpack and still being protected.

Front View

Sanyo Eneloop Quick Charger NC-MQR06W

· · · Battery & Power

Together with the Sanyo Eneloop Glitter Batteries, they also sent me the Sanyo Eneloop Quick Charger NC-MQR06W. The package comes with 4x AA batteries and is retailing for S$55.90.

The batteries are Made in Japan while the charger itself is Made in China. It can charge up to 4x AAA or 4x AA batteries at once.

Front View

Sanyo Eneloop Glitter AA Battery 8HR-3UTGA-SECP-GL

· · · Battery & Power

Always wanted to get the Sanyo Eneloop Glitter AA Battery because it just looks so nice!

Luckily for me, the PR agency of Sanyo Eneloop sent that to me for me to feature it on my blog after seeing I am such a Sanyo Eneloop fan as I have a featured section on Sanyo Eneloop!

Packaging Front

Nokia N9 Review

· · · Mobile Phone, Review

I first got to play the Nokia N9 when I was at Nokia Connection 2011 and the second time was at the Nokia N9 Blogger Event and this will be my third time reviewing the phone.

I will focus on different areas (mainly software related) not covered in the previous 2 reviews after using it as my work phone for almost a week.


Griffin PowerJolt Micro

· · · Battery & Power

I got the Belkin Auto Charger For iPod And iPhone almost 3 years ago, but unfortunately it could not charge my iPad and hence I got to get another car charger for my iPad as I will be using it as a backup GPS device for my US trip next month.

The Griffin PowerJolt Micro is capable of charging iPad, iPhone and iPod. It takes in an input of 12v DC and output 5v DC at 2.1A. In order to charge the iPad properly, you need 2.1A whereas iPhone/iPod just need 500mAh.

Box Front