LASIK at Shinagawa – Part 2

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Shinagawa Lasik Centre
Shinagawa Lasik Centre

Before The Day of Operation
You should not wear soft contact lenses for 3 days, soft toric contact lenses for 7 days and hard (rigid gas permeable) lenses for 14 days before the operation date.

For ladies, you need to cleanup all eye makeup thoroughly 4 days before the operation date. No eye makeup (eye liner, mascara, eye lash extension, and other foreign materials used on the eyelid) as well for 4 days before the operation date.

LASIK Operation (Monday, 1st April 2013)
I have my LASIK operation on Monday, 1st April 2013 (not an April’s Fool joke). My appointment time is 9.15am but I need to come 15 minutes earlier to do the registration.

You are advised not to drive (duh) and it is better to get someone to accompany you because you will have hazy vision after the operation. Please also bring along sunglasses, as your eyes will be sensitive to sunlight after the operation.

You need to come with a bare face, meaning for ladies no makeup, skincare and no perfume on your body. The operating theater might be slightly cold, so wear a jacket.

Once you have registered, you will be asked to make payment. After payment, you will need to sign 1 form (2 forms in my case because of LASIK Xtra), which basically acknowledges that you know the risk and side effects of the LASIK operation. Similar to an indemnity form.

Once that is done, your name will be called and you will be ushered into the preparation area where they will test your blood pressure and you have to take 1 sleeping pill for relaxation. Your eyes will be numbed as well with numbing drops.

Once all the effects has taken place, you will be brought into the operating area where you have to remove your shoes and wear the provided slippers and put on a patient gown over your current clothing.

While waiting for the doctor to arrive, numbing drops will be used on your eyes again; by now your eyes will be so heavy that it is very difficult to open. The doctors arrived and will do 1 last check to your eyes. If everything is good, you will be brought to the 1st operating room where the flap will be created.

After you lay down on the operating bed, the doctor will put a suction cup on your eye to hold it in place. Your eyes will be too numb to feel anything.

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Jawbone UP Finally Launches In Singapore

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*UPDATE* You can get the Jawbone UP from Apple Store (Singapore) as well but the waiting time is 8-10 weeks!

Jawbone UP finally came to Singapore! I am not too sure the exact date it goes on sale. It was announced back in late March 2013 and I saw it selling in Challenger (Funan) on 10th April 2013. I bought it on 14th April 2013 after contemplating it for 4 days.

The official retail price is SGD$189.90. So far, I only saw it being sold at Challenger (Funan), EpiCentre and infinite stores. I think give it some time and it will be selling at all Challenger branches.

I totally recommend getting it from Challenger, because if you are a member, you will get 10% discount and hence after the discount, it only cost you SGD$170.91, which is the cheapest price you can get in Singapore.

Many people are comparing the Jawbone UP with the Nike+ FuelBand, let me tabulate some of the difference down (feel free to add on to it by suggesting it in the comments):

Nike+ FuelBand Jawbone UP
  • Both keep track of your daily activities like calories burned and steps walked
  • Both uses a three-axis accelerometer pedometer
Has a 20-color LED display to display your progress and a 100-white LED display to display information and tells the time Only has two LED display to let you know whether it is monitoring your movement or sleep
Sync wirelessly via Bluetooth Sync via the 3.5mm audio jack
Charges via standard USB port Charges via a proprietary cable (from 3.5mm audio jack to USB)
Requires a computer (Windows/Mac) to setup Can only be setup using your mobile phone (iPhone/Android)
Will not have an Android app anytime soon Has an Android App
  • Nike+ FuelBand has a better social element to it because of its large Nike+ Community
  • Does sleep monitoring
  • App allows you keep track of your food (doesn’t have much local food options) intake
  • Has a vibrating motor to alert you
  • Jawbone UP iOS App is better designed than Nike+ FuelBand iOS App

One thing I really like about Jawbone UP is the really well designed and gorgeous UI on the iOS app, the Nike+ FuelBand iOS app is pale in comparison. I did not use it to keep track of my food intake because the choices of food is limited and I could not find any local (Singapore) food in it.

Jawbone UP - Box Front
Jawbone UP – Box Front

Jawbone UP - Box Back
Jawbone UP – Box Back

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LASIK at Shinagawa – Part 1

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Shinagawa Lasik Centre
Shinagawa Lasik Centre

Public Talk on LASIK (Friday, 8th March 2013)
I attended the talk by Dr Lee Sao Bing on Friday, 8th March 2013 at Shinagawa LASIK & Eye Centre, which is located at 501 Orchard Road, #05-01, Wheelock Place, Singapore 238880. The talk is normally in the evening at about 7pm and will last till about 8.30pm.

Dr Lee Sao Bing
Dr Lee Sao Bing

If you are thinking of doing LASIK, I totally recommend you to attend the talk because at the end of the talk, there will be discount given to the LASIK operation. For the talk I attended, the discount given was for IntraLase Wavefront LASIK (both eyes) using the Schwind Amaris 750S Laser. The normal price is SGD$3,888 (SGD$4,160.16) and the discounted price is SGD$3,488 (SGD$3,732.16).

For some reasons, all prices quoted by Shinagawa DOES NOT include the 7% GST, so for the purpose of this blog post, the price stated in the bracket is the price with 7% GST.

Actually, I have no intention of doing LASIK after watching the procedure on YouTube. They all look scary. But trust me, it is not as scary as it looks.

Do note that, you need to have the operation latest 1 month after the talk in order to get the discount. If you can’t make it within the time frame, don’t worry, wait for the next talk. On average, they have a talk once a month by either of the two doctors (Dr Lee Sao Bing or Dr Jovina See).

After the talk, you will get to book your first appointment, which is the pre-LASIK assessment. I recommend immediately proceed to the counter to book your appointment after the talk ended. You do not want to be the last few ones because most of the timeslots will be gone (especially Saturday if you are working). And also you need to take note of the 1-month constraint mentioned earlier. It is 1 month after the talk and not 1 month after your pre-LASIK assessment.

After you have secured your appointment, then walk back to clarify any questions you have with the doctor, he or she will still be around.

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Canon Selphy CP900 Review

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Canon Selphy CP900 is a photo printer that supports wireless printing using Canon EasyPhoto Print app available on both iOS and Android. It is currently retailing for SGD$199.

CP900 - Box
CP900 – Box

CP900 - Partial Box Contents
CP900 – Partial Box Contents


CP900 - Ink Cartridge Slot
CP900 – Ink Cartridge Slot

CP900 - Direct To Computer / Direct To Camera (PictBridge)
CP900 – Direct To Computer / Direct To Camera (PictBridge)

CP900 - Memory Card Slot + Photo Paper Tray
CP900 – Memory Card Slot + Photo Paper Tray

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ESET Smart Security 6

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ESET Smart Security 6 was launched on the 15th January 2013. Two new additional features to the Smart Security suite are the ESET Social Media Scanner and Anti-Theft.

ESET Smart Security 6 has received the Windows 8 Certification and will bear the “Windows 8 Compatible” logo.

ESET Social Media Scanner

ESET Social Media Scanner protects social media users from malicious content, including their profile, wall, newsfeed and private messages, even when the user is not logged in. If an infection is found, a notification arrives by email, so that immediate action can be taken. The app also helps the user’s friends stay a safe distance from malicious content, checking their walls for potentially dangerous links.


The Anti-Theft feature helps locate missing notebooks and makes it possible to monitor activity on lost or stolen devices, while the introduction of a dedicated Anti-Phishing module offers complex protection against digital identity theft.


  • Anti-Theft – Automatically monitors a missing device and displays its position on a map based on visible Wi-Fi networks in range when it comes online.
  • Anti-Phishing Module – Protects the user from attempts to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords or banking and credit card details by fake websites masquerading as trustworthy ones.
  • Personal Firewall – Prevents unauthorized users accessing the computer and taking advantage of personal data. The users can go online without worries to shop, bank and use social media.
  • Parental Control – Helps keep kids safe on the Internet with categories of sites to block depending on age.
  • Idle-State Scanning – Performs in-depth scans when the computer is not used, aiding system performance and detecting potential inactive threats before they can cause any damage.
  • ESET Social Media Scanner – it protects the social media user and their friends from malicious content, including profile, the wall, newsfeed and private messages.
  • Antivirus and Antispyware – Provides proactive protection against all types of online/offline threats and prevents malware spreading to other users.
  • Cloud-powered Scanning – Speeds up scans by whitelisting safe files based on ESET’s file reputation database.
  • Scan While Downloading Files – Decreases access time to downloaded files by scanning them already during the download process

Retail Prices

  • 1 User, 1 Year – SGD$39
  • 1 User, 3 Years – SGD$78
  • 2 Users, 1 Year – SGD$49
  • 2 Users, 3 Years – SGD$98
  • 3 Users, 1 Year – SGD$59
  • 3 Users, 3 Years – SGD$118
  • 5 Users, 1 Year – SGD$120
  • 5 Users, 3 Years – SGD$240
  • 10 Users, 1 Year – SGD$240
  • 10 Users, 3 Years – SGD$480

ESET Smart Security 6 - Box Front
ESET Smart Security 6 – Box Front

ESET Smart Security 6 - Box Back
ESET Smart Security 6 – Box Back

ESET Smart Security 6 - Box Contents
ESET Smart Security 6 – Box Contents

Version-2 (the distributor of ESET products in Singapore) is now having ESET Smart Security 6 giveaway at

Exclusive to my readers, Version-2 will be giving away 3 copies of ESET Smart Security 6 (1-User, 1-Year) worth SGD$119 to 3 lucky winners. To participate please quote “Lesterchan” under “Special Code” in the registration.

Upon registration you will also get a 60-Day license that stand a chance to win SGD$50 Gift Vouchers weekly from Fairprice / CapitaMall / Starbucks / Cathay / EpiCentre.

This giveaway will runs from Friday, 12th April 2013 to Friday, 17th May 2013.

The winners will be announced on Friday, 17th May 2013 and contacted via SMS and Email.


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