SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse

The SteelSeries Rival was launched last year in October and is now retailing for S$99 in Singapore. The mouse is compatible with both PC and Mac.

SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse - Box Front
SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse – Box Front

SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse - Box Open
SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse – Box Open

SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse - Box Back
SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse – Box Back

SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse - Box Side
SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse – Box Side

SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse - Box
SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse – Box

SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse - Box Contents
SteelSeries Rival Optical Gaming Mouse – Box Contents

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WD Red with Synology DS415play

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Western Digital (WD) produces the best hard drives and Synology produces the best prosumer Network Attached Storage (NAS). I have two NAS at home, both are from Synology and using WD hard drives.

My Synology DiskStation DS210j is on 2x WD Green 1TB running 24/7 since 2010 and my Synology DiskStation DS413j is on 4x WD Red 1TB running 24/7 since 2013. After all these years, both NAS and their hard drives did not give me a single problem at all.

I am happy to have my third Synology NAS, Synology DiskStation DS415play, on 4x WD Red 6TB. The DS415play is meant as a media center and hence I have consolidated all my movies and TV shows onto the DS415play.

WD Red
The first generation of WD Red featuring NASware 1.0 was launched in July 2012 specifically designed for home and small office NAS systems with one to five drive bays. It is tested with top NAS box manufacturers (like Synology) and optimised for power and performance. Back then, it is only available as 3.5″ hard drives in 1TB (S$149), 2TB (S$199) and 3TB (S$259) capacities.

The second generation of WD Red featuring NASware 2.0 was launched in September 2013. NASware 2.0 further improves drive reliability and protects customer data in the event of a power loss or disruption. With the second generation WD Red, the 2.5″ hard drives are now available in 750GB (S$109) and 1TB (S$139) capacities. They also made a 3.5″ 4TB (S$329) capacity available.

The third generation of WD Red featuring NASware 3.0 was launched this year, in July 2014. NASware 3.0 again further improves drive performance and reliability. It also bring support for 8-bay NAS. The 3.5″ hard drives are now available in 5TB (S$339) and 6TB (S$419).

WD Red (6TB)
WD Red (6TB)

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Winner of Breffo Adventure Camera Tripod Giveaway

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Announcing the winner of the Breffo Adventure Camera Tripod Giveaway which I held back on 30th October 2014.

Breffo Adventure Camera Tripod - Box Front
Breffo Adventure Camera Tripod – Box Front

She is Alisa with this winning comment:

Need a tripod to relieve my poor hands from taking a wefie with my baby and husband!

Congratulations Alisa, you have won a Breffo Adventure Camera Tripod! I have already contacted you via email and will arrange with you to pick up your prize at Chinatown MRT Station (NE4/DT19). If you have not received the email, do drop me an email (lesterchan AT gmail DOT com) instead.

The winner is pick at random using SELECT * FROM wp_comments WHERE comment_post_ID = 3008 ORDER BY RAND() LIMIT 1; as shown in the screenshot below.

Winner of Breffo Adventure Camera Tripod
Winner of Breffo Adventure Camera Tripod

Jawbone UP MOVE & Jawbone UP3 will come to Singapore

Jawbone just announced the new Jawbone UP MOVE (S$85) and Jawbone UP3 (S$288). They will be available in Singapore before end of this year and early next year respectively.

The Jawbone UP MOVE is a new easy-to-use activity tracker that captures detailed information about your sleep, steps, exercise, and calories burnt whilst providing personalized guidance through the UP App’s new Smart Coach feature. UP MOVE is capable of displaying your step progress, the time, and the quality of your sleep from the prior night, all at the touch of a button.

The Jawbone UP MOVE will retail for S$85 and will be available before Christmas 2014 in five colors combination:

  • Black Burst, Black Clip
  • Blue Burst, Fog Clip
  • Grape Rose, Purple Clip
  • Ruby Rose, Red Punch Clip
  • Slate Rose, Yellow Clip

Jawbone UP MOVE
Jawbone UP MOVE

Jawbone UP MOVE - With Band
Jawbone UP MOVE – With Band

The new Jawbone UP3 bands is smart, efficient and small enough to be worn 24/7. Aside from its usual activity and sleep tracking capabilities, the UP3 will come with an advanced bioimpedance sensor to collect heart rate, respiration rate and galvanic skin response, and two temperature sensors to collect ambient and skin temperatures. The band will be capable of tracking resting heart rate at launch, but will expand to include features like on-demand heart rate, respiration rate, hydration tracking, and signal stress or fatigue at a later stage. It will come with full week of battery life, water-resistant up to 10m, and have a fully-adjustable strap so users can customize the size to fit them.

The Jawbone UP3 will retail for S$288 and will be available in early 2015 in two colors Black Diamond and Silver Cross.

Jawbone UP3 -  Black Diamond
Jawbone UP3 – Black Diamond

Jawbone UP3 - Silver Cross
Jawbone UP3 – Silver Cross

Jawbone UP MOVE

  • Stylish New Design: Press the face of UP MOVE to see its sleek, hidden LED display light up to show you your progress toward your goals at a glance. Press once to display your step progress, twice to display the time, and three times to display your sleep from the prior night.
  • Move More with Smart Coach: The accelerometer built into UP MOVE counts your daily steps without missing a beat, no matter where you go or how you wear it. UP MOVE can also be worn in bed to accurately track sleep, including hours slept and sleep quality.
  • Powered by MotionX: UP MOVE is powered by MotionX technology to provide a comprehensive summary of your daily progress, including steps and sleep.

Jawbone UP3

  • Multi-sensor Platform: The advanced multi-sensor platform includes a new tri-axis accelerometer, sophisticated bioimpedance sensors, and skin and ambient temperature sensors. Using this technology, UP3 delivers resting heart rate – a key indicator of your overall heart health – and will capture more health data through future firmware updates.
  • Advanced Sleep: UP3 captures detailed sleep stages including REM, Light and Deep sleep, providing in-depth information on your sleep and what you can do to improve it.
  • Advanced Activity: New smart algorithms allow UP3 to automatically identify workouts and classify your activities, including running, cross-training, tennis, and many more.
  • Smart Coach: UP3 connects with the industry-leading UP App to bring you Smart Coach – an intelligent system that keeps track of your progress and gives you personalised guidance to help you reach your goals faster. The more information UP3 captures about your sleep, activity, meals and other biometric signals, the more Smart Coach can do for you.
  • Smart Design: Designed by leading industrial designer, Yves Behar, UP3 features a slim, stylish, and low-profile design that you can accessorise with jewelry or watches on the wrist. With up to seven days battery life, water resistance up to 10 meters and a durable anodized aluminum framework, UP3 is one of the only trackers available that achieves true 24/7 wearability. A secure, overlapping watch-style clasp allows you to adjust UP3 to fit almost any wrist size.

Toshiba Launches Ultra-HD 4K L9450 Series & L5450 Series With Android

On 15th October 2014, Toshiba launched the new L9450 Series & L5450 Series for it’s television range that are powered by Android 4.4.2 (not Android TV). Note that the Android will not be upgradable and hence you will be stuck with it till the end-of-life of your television.

L9450 Series
The L9450 series comes in Ultra-HD 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution with sizes in 50″ (S$2,299), 65″ (S$4,999) and 84″ (S$17,999).

Toshiba L9450 Series - 65
Toshiba L9450 Series – 65″ (65L9450)

Toshiba L9450 Series - 84
Toshiba L9450 Series – 84″ (84L9450)


  • Ultra HD 4K Technology – Offers a new intensity in image quality with four times as many pixels as Full HD
  • CEVOTM 4K Engine – Incorporates a suite of advanced image enhancement functions, such as 4K Resolution+, driven by a powerful hexa-core processor
  • Android 4.4 – Provides an abundance of apps together with Internet browsing, screen mirroring and other exciting smart TV functions
  • High Brightness Panel with local dimming. Wide Color Gamut
    • Wide Color Gamut Panel: L9450 provides 14% richer color than 2013 model
    • High-brightness Panel: L9450 is 75% brighter than 2013 model
    • Direct LED with local dimming: By controlling individual local dimming areas, the overall image contrast is dramatically improved especially in scenes with both light and shade such as sunsets.

L5450 Series
The L5450 series is a lower end series that comes with a HD-Ready (1366 x 768) and Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. The sizes available are 32″ (S$449), 40″ (S$899), 47″ (S$1,099) and 55″ (S$1,899).

Toshiba L5450 Series - 32
Toshiba L5450 Series – 32″ (32L5450)

Toshiba L5450 Series - 47
Toshiba L5450 Series – 47″ (47L5450)


  • Android 4.4 – Provides an abundance of apps, including Open Browser, YouTube and YouTube Send-to-TV
  • CEVOTM Engine Premium – Advanced dual-core engine to dramatically boost image quality for all content
  • Intelligent Scene Optimizer – Intelligently optimizes image and sound in real time1, producing an immersive entertainment experience specific to each movie genre
  • Digital broadcast-ready – Compatibility with the latest DVB-T2 standard to receive HD TV programs in surround sound