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In my Looking Back 2010 post, I stated I wanted to visit the US and see some snow in 2011 and I did! I am posting this post at my uncle’s house in LA!

For my 2011 resolution/wish, I would like to visit the US or any country with snow! I have not seen let alone touch snow in my 26 years of life before (Snow City is not counted as it is crap). I am so going to make this wish comes through. Tentatively planning to go to the US in December 2011.

I have been to San Francisco and Los Angeles and going to see some snow tomorrow at Big Bear Mountain! I have completed my resolution! So happy!

For 2012, my resolution/wish is pretty simple and much cheaper! I just want a new iMac to replace my 4 year’s old desktop and a MacBook Air to replace my 4 year’s old MacBook Pro as well!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers, visitors and supporters a very Happy New Year 2012! HUAT AH (hokkien word for prosperity)!

Looking Back 2011

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